Sunday, 20 May 2012

Korean Bath Houses

Korean Bath House

If you haven't ever been to a Korean Bath House and had a body scrub then you need to put it on your bucket list to do. 

Korean Scrubbing Mitt
They take exfoliation to the next level and I have never been able to replicate the results by myself even using the same mitt they use. 
I've been to Korean Bath Houses in Australia, Japan and Korea and other than the price difference they all follow the same formula. 
You enter into the bathroom area and there will be an open shower area where you sit on small stools and shower yourself clean. Then you spend some time going in and out of different steam rooms, saunas and various temperature various mineral content baths / hot springs. Some places are more elaborate than others I've been to one with a pool and salt room.It was like a spa and water world combined.

Scrub at Korean Bath House
Then the magic part begins the scrub down, when its your turn a Korean lady will do the scrub for you. They are usually older ladies that are wearing just their underwear (usually black and lacy I don't know why but this has turned out to be the formula whereever I go?!).
They will put a freshly grated cucumber on your face and then start the body scrub with a mitt on. Your top layers of skin will literally peel away, you actually see it peeling off you, almost like if you have ever been sun burnt and peeled in the shower. So for a first timer it might be a bit of a shock! 
After the big peel they will shiatsu massage you with baby oil and milk. Then you just rinse off and voila skin will be so baby soft you wont recognise it.

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