Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Let's get this BLOG started

First things first here is the plan for this blog. 

To share my [sometimes incoherent] thoughts on the following topics;

The Present;
We have just made a life changing decision to move 3000 kilometres from home to try a new career path not only to try and earn the big bucks, but to change our life style and follow our dreams.
There is so much to adjust to in this new place and with my partners mining job. There are so many people that feel we are making a huge mistake and we can feel the weight of that. It pushes us on determinedly and gets us down at the same time. It’s never pleasant to have someone doubt you. The good news is there are so many people that do support and believe and are really happy for us.

Wedding Planning and Weight Loss;
I’m ALSO planning our wedding in Phuket in 2013 so there is lots to do including lose a ton of weight and organise it all.

My New Business;
I’m also about to start a new business venture that has been a dream of mine for many years –so that should be full of interesting stories. Stay Tuned…..

The Past;
I lived in Japan for about 9 years in my 20’s and just had the most amazing experiences and life. I worked as a hostess in various night clubs and then after a while settled down did the domestic scene for a few years. I got married, had a huge Japanese wedding, bought a house, had a dog, got divorced in a total mess.  You know the usual mistakes people make…except I was doing it in another language in another country.
I can only say the Japan story will be strange to a lot of people that read it. It’s surreal now looking back I shake my head with wonder. The situations that I found myself in, it was common to spend the night drinking with Yakuza (Japanese Mafia). I earned ridiculous amounts of cash and seemed to spend it on nothing much. I was taken on glamorous overseas trips and given extremely generous ostentatious gifts! I will put a rest to the debate on hostess’ being prostitutes and be honest about my sex life back then.

The Philippines was a whole other drama in the 11 short months that I lived there I went through so much I opened a 24 hour licenced café,  sold the business, got ripped off, was almost killed, was accidentally addicted to steroids (so was agro and crazy), eloped (huge huge mistake I can’t say huge enough here), had petitions signed against me to be evicted from the town, put on a massive amount of weight that I have never been able to shake since. That is just the tip of the ice burg.

Pet Peeves and other Rants;
Everyone needs a good rant every now and again! To get the things that annoy us off our chest and send it out to the intangible ether of the internet could give us more satisfaction. This for me is especially therapeutic as my partner is often away working and my family and friends live so far away.
They will be the usual peeves, things that men do that are annoying, in-laws, chumpy drivers, bobble head dolls, just general things that angry up my 

Recipes and Crafts;
I love to cook and have been told I am excellent. I make most of what I cook up and even when using a recipe I basically improvise most of the time anyway. So it will be nice to keep a catalogue of some of my cooking here.
I love all crafts and have gone through many fazes such as scrapbooking, jewellery making, soap making, collage, design, beauty products and therapies (I’m a trained make-up artist), painting. This list is endless but you get the point. So when I get in the mood and those creative juices flow it will be nice to share that. My tips and step by steps.

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