Friday, 27 April 2012

Month 2 - Lets Review

I have now been on my diet for 9 weeks and I can say there have been some successes and some disappointment and plodding.

I have basically replaced all White carbs for healthier Brown carbs.
This means I now eat only wholemeal and wholegrain, brown rice, raw brown sugar.

I've stopped completely drinking coke and other fizzy sugar filled drinks, beer, maccas and other junk food, white sugar, white bread and white flour. I feel healthier and this makes me happy.

As mentioned I have been weak at times too and had some lapses. I am also not a motivated exerciser I much rather read a book or watch a DVD than be exerting myself. Having said that I have been doing much more than when I first started making a conscious effort to be more active. Still room to improve! I have finally yesterday got my ab roller so when I build it (yes that means when my mister builds it for me - I am a shonky wonky builder) I plan to set myself the goal of 1000 sit ups per day. Yes its a lofty goal but I don't mind sit ups (I can watch a DVD while doing them) and have achieved this in the past.
My overall Weight Loss has been really slow and sluggish though and this is disheartening to say the least! All up in 9 weeks I have dropped 5 kilos still 25 to go.

Next week along with my sit ups I am going to try eating more fruit just to mix it up a bit.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Introducing My Friday Favourites

Well since I spend a portion of this blog ranting about things that I don't like I thought it might be nice to balance it out with a section on things that I love. This won't be a section about people or pets it will be strictly about things.

For my First Friday Favourites I will dedicate it to my favourite shoes ahhhh sigh

My ALL Time Favourites

Found this hot pink pair on sale for $40 in Witner - I Heart Them

Most Favourite Sexiest

These are my engagement shoes Burnt Orange -from Zu

Most Favourite BUT Unnecessary 

Another bargain from Windsor Smith -Blue Gladiator hard to wear for any period of time

Most Favourite BUT Outlandish

White Stiletto CowBoy Boots need I say more?!!

Slight Addiction to Steve Madden

Part of my collection I do love this brand so daring and sexy

Most Wanted 

These are HOT Christian Louboutin 2012 Spring Collection

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Supermarket Rant - Part 2

As I previously suspected I would need to do more than one piece on this topic.
I think that like driving the supermarket can be a real place for annoyance as there are so many walks or life in one small place all trying to do their own agenda in the quickest cheapest way.

Again in  no particular order;

The gets in your Personal Space person - Speaks for itself as the super market gets busier there is a part of us that subconsciously accepts there will be an element of this. There is a silent agreement between us all to try and respect each others personal space. Sometimes though going through the check out especially there is that person that is behind you standing waaaaay too close. I mean I'm at the card swipe and they are next to me instead of waiting their turn at the end of the conveyor belt. Creepy people do this!

The Uncontrollable Kids - Now I know that as someone without children my opinion means less because I don't have any idea of the hardships you parents are enduring. I can however make a comparison with 99% of other parents that do seem to manage to raise lovely well behaved even polite children. That is all.

The Unpriced Item - This is where Murphy's law also plays a helping hand its always one of the last items to be scanned that has no price and requires a price check, which requires the checkout operator to either call out over the loud speaker or just ring her bell and wait for someone to come and walk all the way to the shelf where you got the item. Is it just me or do we not live in the age of technology surely the check out computer scanner things can work like a search engine of products and they could look up the item quicker? Or that bar code could actually do more. In this day and age heads should roll for this offence!

The (NO) Parking Space - Is it just me or are parking spaces getting smaller. Now I'm not driving a soccer mum car either (don't get me started on soccer mum cars in the city sheeesh) Although in this towns defence there is a need for 4wd's out here, it's the country and there are many dirt roads and situations where you actually need to drive one. As I was saying before I so rudely started a different rant. My car is small but its still a really tight squeeze to park. No wonder so many dings happen in supermarket car parks.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wedding - vision board

I have started to do some vision boards and research into all things beach wedding. In preparation for our Thailand destination wedding in July 2013.

Thought I'd share with you one of my vision boards so you can start to see the vibe I'm going for.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Supermarket Rage - Part 1

I'm not sure if others have these feelings of supermarket rage or 'super-rage' as I now refer to it, but lately people that don't follow supermarket etiquette or the usual unspoken rules of the supermarket are really getting to me.

There are several categories of offenders and here is my list in no particular order. What we need is a supermarket  task force to police these offences and issue on the spot fines or even in serious cases expulsion from the store.

The aisle hog - need I say more? Stick to the appropriate side and if you stop allow for people to go around you. Meaning if someone else has already stopped exactly opposite to you ....isn't it obvious you have just illegally parked?

The stop and have a chat and block the aisle - this is a similar offence to the above however it is far far more heinous because you are holding people up for a reason that isn't even shopping related. Not to stereo type here but I find the worst offenders to this cardinal sin the senior citizens.

The people that try to sneak through the express 15 items or less lanes or self serve scanners with whole trolleys! - Can people not count? Or are they just confident no one will have the guts to confront them. Where is 'super[market]man' when you need him?

The people that are already at the check out and run for a forgotten item - I think that everyone has been guilty of this one. Even me with my superior Virgo organisation skills. But we must all collectively try to be better at this by shopping from lists. My parents have the most organised system in the world. They have a list on the computer of all the items that they ever buy (its even in approximate order of the aisles) they print this list weekly and leave it on the fridge and highlight items they need to buy and my dad takes this to do the shopping with him. I know we can't all be as obsessive as my parents but its a goal to strive for.

Don't let the haters get you down!

Well it has been a while since I blogged last I have to admit I have been a bit down and sad after some negative feedback.

Don't you hate that? You are finally doing something that you enjoy and think you might even be ok at it- then boof knocked of your perch!
I don't want to censor what I write to spare other peoples feelings. But on the flip side I don't want people to be hurt by my ramblings either.

It's a conundrum that I'm sure we all face. But this blog is about me and my life and the things that happen to me. I've been honest and even shared my own mistakes and lessons. Goodness I feel I have been nice and left out all the really bad stuff.
I will continue to write from my heart and if people don't like it or me well they can not read it and stay away from me. 

Ok rant over now back to the fun stuff!