Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Chronically Single - But Why?

Have you ever wondered why some girls are single and others seem to find relationships easy?

Here's the thing I'm that girl the one that has always found getting a man quite easy. Just a note here before my family roll their eyes, I am by no means an expert on keeping men and have had so many failed relationships you couldn't count them. So keeping a man and healthy relationships is another topic altogether (I'm getting better with age just in case you have started to really worry about me now) This is only about why some woman can find men and why others can't.

I have a handful of close friends and a bigger handful of facebook friends (mostly talking about girls because I am one) that for years now I have watched from the sidelines and asked why is she single? If I was a man I would so want her! They are all very attractive some extremely so, have stable and in some cases amazing careers earning fantastic money. They seem really emotionally stable, come from good families a couple of them even own their own homes. They have really active social lives, travel have hobbies and just seem like all round great catches. Is this sounding like you or a chronically single girl you know?

Let me clarify what I feel chronically single is - you haven't classified anyone as your "boyfriend or girlfriend or partner" just to cover all the bases in 2 years or more.
I think if you have come out of something long term and maybe having a bit of a sabbatical then you are not chronically single. If you are single and loving it well then this isn't you either.

So this is where my pondering has led and some of my more conclusive conclusions, I don't want to come across as preachy or arrogant here its a tongue in cheek look at dating not me belittling anyones efforts. Between you and me I really have put all this to the test in my life dating an above average number of people.  

So here they are my short list of tips;

Sounds like an obvious one but have you ever wondered why you seem to get noticed more when you have just meet someone? This purple patch is no accident, you look more attractive during this time. You are happier and it will show even if you can't see it. Remember nobody wants the desperate lonely one, people can smell it on you even when you don't think you are acting desperate.
The good news is I think that this confidence can be faked & re-programmed with some training.  
Think Outside the Square
If what you are doing now and I mean the way you live is not attracting the dates you want then you need to change it to do so. This will be hard and uncomfortable as is any change. This is also a hard one to give advice on because it will be case by case.
If for example you never go out - start going out more.... simple
You might need new hobbies and interests.
Hit up your friends let them know that you want them to set you up.
Go on blind dates - this one is obvious if you aren't going on blind dates then you should be.
Try online dating or modify the way you already online date. Let a friend do your profile.
Don't go out and surround yourself with a gaggle of friends its very unapproachable.
Try to look more approachable when out , at work, basically everywhere.
Look at people you wouldn't normally look at that way, the place you buy lunch at the gym etc. which leads to my next point. 

Too Fussy
It might be time to re-visit your expectations. The best way for me to show you this point is to have you think about an one of your reactions ewww what was I thinking? You see attraction is a fickle thing, it can grow from mutual respect and enjoying someone. Attraction doesn't need to be your number one driver in choosing a date. What I mean is you might not be instantly attracted to someone and this has stopped you from countless chances.
So just for one moment lets take your potential dates 'looks & attraction' off the table,,, Yes I can hear the shocked exclamations from here.
Let me put it another way have you ever known someone that you never really thought was attractive and then they started dating and suddenly became hot? It's because they have a happy loved up glow - sex makes them more confident more attractive. They also are possibly getting groomed or just trying harder to look good for their partner all in all this proves my point. If you are not overly into them give them a chance anyway get to know them a little before writing them off completely. More important qualities to me are are you comfortable together, do they get your humor, are they honest and caring etc.
Its a Numbers Game
If you are looking for someone that you want to settle down with, I suggest that you take things less seriously for a while and basically hold "auditions" for the part. Go out with many different people be more casual- you might not know what qualities you are really looking for yet. There is no need to settle for the first person you date. What I'm saying is don't over commit too soon.  This period of playing the numbers is a great way to have fun, boost your confidence and make new friends.
Be careful what you wish for
I think that a portion of my single friends are still single because they didn't recognise what they were looking for and let it slip away. I think that in a similar way that you set career goals you should dedicate a moment to be very clear in your relationship goals and be very exact in the qualities you are looking for in a man. My sister and I have done this practise for years now, we make a girls night of it have some wine and write out our 'man lists' it is freakishly uncanny that every time within a short period of time the man from our lists will come along or show himself. I have learned to be very exact with my list as I have had some strange experience with wording of the list in the past. Put it this way if you are still an unbeliever. How will you find a man if you have no clue as to what you are looking for or want from them. Don't be vague or settle for less than you really want. 

How to make a date turn into more??
The million dollar question! To keep it simple the thing to remember is that people are all looking for similar things out of life and at the early stage of dating they are looking for someone fun and interesting without too many issues or too high expectations (so you might hold off on "relationship talks" for a bit). So keep it light at first - I don't want to say play hard to get I mean is a game player who you want? Well you might have forgotten to write "not a game player" on your list. I make it a rule for me when I first date to not change my own plans for the new date I mean he was first attracted to the fun side of me, I let them try to join my plans and make effort to see me instead -this shows me they are interested. I don't want to start in on the debate 'he's just not that into you' But recognise that signs and move on with a flick of the hair. 
At this early stage there is generally more communication but make sure its pretty even - otherwise do the hair flick thing I said and move on.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wedding Update - 9 months to go

So it's been a while since I updated about my wedding and all the plans.  It's also been one year since I got engaged so that is whole year of planning writing lists in my head and real ones.

So venue is booked and menu is chosen (i will post a copy of this next time). Tick!

Since it is at a resort in Phuket I have chosen a nice aqua blue colour as my accent colour. Another Tick!!

I have organised my invitations from message in a bottle invitations and they look amazing. Little glass bottles with sand and shells inside and a scroll these compliment my theme perfectly and will really help set the mood and hopefully raise the excitement. I'm not sure why but some people when they hear we are having a wedding overseas often have comments such as "isn't it just a casual thing" or "I thought you guys weren't having a big wedding" I think that because we aren't inviting as many guests it might be the assumption that we won't bother with the wedding traditions. Maybe people assume its a financial motive as well. Thinking that it must be cheap because its Thailand.

Of course because its Thailand our dollar stretches much further than it would in Australia. Which in my mind means I can have things I wouldn't get to have here. Such as ice sculpture and video guy. But I think that what we will spend overall is the same as what someone would pay here. We are having less guests as a personal choice to keep it intimate and special. So we hope to spend more on the little touches that will show our appreciation for those that spent all that money to come and share the special day.

The cake topper has been done it is a really cute representation of us. I found this person on Etsy mud cards and loved her work you need to contact her at least 10 months in advanced though so be organised.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

40 bits and pieces about me

Turning 40 I thought I'd do something a bit different and share some of my weird and wonderful life experiences with you all. I mean my blog is called the random adventures of my life right!

1) My three earliest memories are sitting on the potty which was on my nans kitchen table eating breakfast, sitting in old fashioned filing bins at my nans work (which incidentally was at Carlton and United Breweries so that's pretty cool) and sitting in the back boot section of my nans car (possibly a VW Buggie type car) playing while she drove down the freeway saying can you see the sheep? I'd always say yes although I don't ever remember seeing a sheep and now wonder if nan made them up.

2)  In high school I studied Greek and still remember how to say apple, thank you and i love you - so I'd pretty much be able to live there.

3) I went to 4 different high schools, Upfield High, Broadmeadows High both in Melbourne, Then Tempe High and Enmore High both in Sydney.

4) I didn't finish high school I dropped out 2 weeks into year 11 due to being homeless.

5) My first job was a check out chic at the local Super K-mart in Enmore in Sydney around 1988.

6) The first time I went to Japan in 1992 I only had $50 in my pocket.

7) I stayed in New Zealand a place in Auckland called Papakura and worked with my friend in the deli of a super markets & for a caterer.

8) I lived in The Philippines for a year in Quezon City Metro Manila and had 6 cats all that I rescued from drowning in the sewers, named Pedro, Fernando, Luigi, Stephano, Hose and Pinky

9) I've owned and managed 7 of my own businesses including, English Tutor, Beautician, Cafe and currently Perfectly Dunn Events party planning/supplies and catering follow me on facebook here.

10) I love sorting and organizing especially wardrobes - in fact its borderline obsessive compulsive.

11) I love tattoos and have many in fact my entire back is covered.

12) Although I worked in bars & clubs in Sydney when I was 18/19 I didn't drink alcohol until I went to Japan - the first sentence that I could say in Japanese was "I want to drink beer"

13) I owned a home that was custom built by Panasonic in Japan (well had an epic mortgage with my partner if you want to call that owned) 
It had many modern conveniences such as a remote control toilet seat warmer located near the bed to warm the seat before use - it also have the full electronic push button bidet system and air dryer, sensor heating under foot in the kitchen, remote control for the bath located in the kitchen that would fill it and keep it warm to my preferred temperature.

14) In The Philippines I had a 24 hour cantina that served alcohol and food-best thing was a big bottle of beer cost just under 6 cents Australian. I also introduced what I feel was the first ever toasted sandwich to the region.

15) When I was living in Japan at aged 22, I was hospitalized for 8 days for drinking too hard my bill was over $10,000 for the stay!

16) Before heading to Japan at 17-18 I worked as an office junior for a big insurance company in North Sydney my wage was so low and after paying rent and bills I'd usually have less than $20 a week left for food and entertainment. I was always so poor I couldn't always afford to eat. I'd often just buy a loaf of bread and I'd have a Vegemite sandwich for every meal for the week. I would always go out though dancing with my friends 4-5 nights a week with zero dollars in my pocket get in for free dance all night drink water (free back then) I had some of the best times!

17) Once in Korea on holiday I wanted to go to a Korean bath house and have a scrub (if you don't know about them read my piece on them here) and I asked a guy on the street for directions and he pointed one out to me... only when i went inside it was not a bath house but a brothel instead how very awkward.

18) During The Philippines presidents impeachment in 2000 Joseph_Estrada I accidentally walked straight into a student riot on my way to McDonald's there were over 10,000 riot police there and many protesters were injured and some died...but some how people got the impression I was with the world press and they cleared a path for me like I was a hero. I managed to walk away unharmed just shaken. 

19) When I was little my first dog was named Paddlefoot and he was a lovely sausage dog that actually smiled when he saw you -he broke his back jumping over a small fence in the yard protecting the veggie garden :( In that veggie garden one year my dad had a bumper crop of pumpkins ....we ate a LOT of pumpkins that season too many! To this day I still cannot stomach pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie.

20) I didn't get my drivers license until I was 30 years old and I never really drove very much - less than 5000km in an entire year- I'm a pretty nervous driver & worst as a passenger. Then all by myself I drove us 3000km across country because my partner had lost his license & needed to start his new job it took me 4 days of 12 hours a day.

21) I was raised for my first 14 years by my dad and thank goodness for that grounding and for good dads. Back then in the 70's I was the only one in my primary school that had a "step mother" I still remember kids asking me if she was evil like in fairytales.

22) My youngest sister when she was 5 and I was 15 caught me in front of the mirror rapping...yes rapping as in singing a gangsta song,,, to cover my embarrassment I told her I was black on the inside and little by little as I get older it would start to show...she believed this true for a good while.

23) In my twenties while living an extremely wealthy lifestyle I had an addiction to brand labels. At the Louis Vuitton store they knew me by name same with many other high end label stores. Once when my dad came over we were shopping and the manager at a store ran out bowing Stacey San and gave us free gifts.

24) I was married in a traditional Shinto style Japanese wedding when I was 25, I wore a kimono valued at $350,000 (no I didn't get the figure wrong you could buy a house for the price of most kimonos - for westerners to understand its like wearing a priceless piece of art like a Picasso)

25) I used to have 2 pet coin turtles called Peggy and Henry they hated each others guts!

26) In my life although I have had some really wonderful friends I've had 5 "bff's" Effie in high school, Danielle in the years after high school before Japan, Karen in Japan & NZ, Wendii in my early 30's and now Dion.... I miss those that I am not so close to anymore I know its a part of life to grow apart but I know I could have done better as a friend the loss is all mine and its huge.

27) I used to find witch craft fascinating I have dabbled in some spells and found they have always ALWAYS worked. I've done card readings for my own self guidance for years now. Once an acquaintance asked me to do a reading for her and to my surprise showed up at my house with a bunch of her friends all thinking I was a psychic or spiritual reader. I remember one of them was a prison guard they all left happy with the readings though.

28) I've always been interested in history especially with King Henry the 8th.

29) A drag queen once kicked me out of Taxi Club a famous gay bar in Sydney in the wee hours of the morning because I was wearing the same outfit...Lesson Leaned!

30) On NYE 1989 or 1990 I witnessed someone jump out of a second story window above the club Tunnel in Kings Cross Sydney (underbelly golden mile was based around this club during this time). He nearly landed on 2 police officers that had just walked outside they took us inside and the owner gave us a stiff drink. I never heard what happened to the person that jumped the sound of their head cracking when it hit the concrete is something I will never forget.

31) I've never been one to shy away from trying food,,, I've eaten some really weird and wonderful things, such as turtle soup with a chaser of turtle blood wine, fish eyes, a shot of alcohol that had a tigers penis marinading in it and bugs many many bugs!

32) I've fought off muggers twice in my life (once at gun point) by basically freaking out and making a lot of noise and each time they have run away. I think that the more unexpected you act the better off you'll be.

33) When I lived with my sister we had pink walkie talkies to stop us texting each other too much from the next room my call name was Mella (as in Malibu Stacey)and hers was Bella (Ballerina Barbie).

34) Once on a trip to Bangkok I got really bad food poisoning on the way home I filled out the customs card that asked if I had been sick in the past 5 days so I checked the YES box and was promptly quarantined and men in full body hazard suits tested me for hours. I just wanted to go home and curl up in bed it was a long long night.

35) All my life I've had a condition called Hyperhidrosis which is excessive sweating centralised in my hands they literally drip with sweat. It was tough in primary school and has meant that I cant do some activities, I panic when I have to shake someones hand its always a real sinking feeling watching them wipe their hand on their pants after it. I steer clear of dancing with partners, no pole dancing classes for me, holding hands, drawings and things like knitting, origami and sewing.

36) I once became a pash parties sex toy consultant so that I could get the consultant discount on their lingerie range. To become a consultant you have to buy a full party kit and give at least 4 parties which I did,, then when I was moving house with my current partner the box containing this kit including some really inappropriate stuff many many vibrators, bondage tape, whips, lubes, anal beads and so on -broke when my father in law picked it up. I wasn't there but he told his son maybe you better pick all that up. I'm still mortified to this day and imagine he must think that we have a crazy kinky sex life!

37) When I worked for Australia Post Complaints Department in the call centre and I can't even begin to tell you the silly things people put through the postage system not just money and precious items. I once had a caller that was looking for the ashes of their dead father they were posting to their sister. A caller that accused the postie of stealing their porn and another that was certain the postie was having an affair with their wife. The general caller was Australian and always very angry which has been the case in all the Australian call centers I've worked for- I don't know what it is but when we call customer service areas the majority of people here turn into CHUMPS. Please remember that humans are at the end of the phone and they haven't personally done anything wrong to you AND they are going to be the person that can most likely help FIX it - quick tip don't burn that bridge!

38) Once in New Caledonia I was bitten by a jelly fish - we flew to this little secluded island lagoon in one of these planes that land on the water....those planes are so scary they jump around in the sky like a roller coaster.

39) I've had some interesting, humorous and sometimes disastrous online dating experiences, including going on a date with a guy with torrets, a man that asked me to have a 3some with him and his sister (don't even get me started on how wrong he was) lots of boring & awkward dates and lots more trial and error relationships of varying depth and length and some just for fun times. But happily I met the man of my dreams online and we have had such a great few years together and are even planning our wedding. So persistence and patience can pay off! 

40) My last entry is to say I have lived a great life so far full of many highs & lows. I've had extremely rich & extremely poor moments, sad times, embarrassing times, but mostly many many happy times. I feel so lucky & grateful to have had the experiences that I have, they have led me to the here and now. My advice is don't let the bad times define you get rid of the negative. See the humor in situations as much as possible laugh at yourself and mostly, money isn't what makes you happy You control your happiness.

Love Stacey xx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Botox- Before and After photos

So D- day or B-day as I refer to it in my head arrived I was beside myself with excitement hopping from foot to foot.

The procedure itself was much less painful than I expected and really quick.

The slight swelling went down within an hour.It took about 8 days to reach it's full potential the after shots were taken 10 days after my Botox injections.

See before and after shots (yikes no make up) I'm really happy with it. 

Before -crows feet

after- crows feet

before forehead

after forehead - this shot doesn't do it justice the results in real life are better

Self conscious of all the no make up shots I had to add one with make up :)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Big B Botox Baby

So as my 40th creeps nearer and nearer as my present to myself I am getting Botox for the first time!!

I know that there are going to be people say negative things like "ageing graciously blah blah". However I disagree I think that using cosmetic techniques and surgery to your advantage is in the same league as wearing make up. Both are to enhance your looks and confidence.
Obviously if you use too much of either you are going to look silly which defeats the whole purpose entirely.

So wish me luck!!!! Here's to ageing graciously using all beauty technology and tricks to ones advantage :)

Stay tuned I plan to post before and after shots ........

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Face Peels - Home Chemical Peel

One of my winter beauty routines is to use a hard core astringent for one month every winter. 

The Astringent I use is not for the faint hearted it will actually peel your skin off and for a month you will have various levels of face peeling, redness and stinging. You need to make sure you use great moisturisers and sunblock religiously for the whole month or you will do more damage and defeat the purpose of the month of peeling and pain.

I use a brand called 'extraderm' which you can get in all Filipino grocery stores - before you write it off as no good think about all the Asians you know and how great their skin is and how young looking they stay. Also its cheap as chips the last bottle I got (which is enough for just over a month) cost $4.50AU
They have 3 different strengths 1 being the weakest and 3 being the strongest. For first timers try a level 1 its lighter and of course so will be the results. This one contains Tretinoin which is the acid form of vitamin A and hydroquinone which is the skin lightening agent.
Its a 3 fold plan 
To peel away all my dead skin helping reduce fine lines
Clean out all my blackheads and reduce the size of pours - I have giant ones due to very oily skin
And finally to fade freckles sun and age spots.

I've used this every winter for one month for the past 19 years and love it within days although my skin is feeling sensitive all my blackheads practically fall out of my face. 

I recommend that you use it nightly after you have cleaned your face in place of a toner - check out the cotton wool when you've wiped your face it will come away dirty. Slather on a moisturiser try something with a skin lightener. I'm using Loreal Luminize this year and Lucus Papaw ointment on any sensitive areas. Before bed I use my usual night cream on top of all that. I also try to take a skin helping vitamin for the month I do my peel. There are many 'hair skin and nail' blends on the market at the moment anything with E and B in it is wonderful for the skin. This year i have chosen Silicea and I could bang on about it for hours its ah-mazing!!

Remember its not for the fragile skinned or pregnant women
Good Luck if you dare!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Slow Cooker - YUM

Don't you just love winter?
Snuggling under a warm blanket, the fire place, jackets, scarves boots, uggs, gloves the list goes on and on.

Well even if you aren't like me and in love with winter there is one thing that surely everyone loves about winter and that is the food! Am I right? Hearty Soul Food.
All those homemade chunky soups and stews.

Here is a recipe that a friend of mine put on her facebook recently and it combined two of my loves the slow cooker and Mexican so I was excited to try it and can confirm it is awesome! She also has a great BLOG here with lots of recipes & mummy tips
So to share the warm yummy Mexican slow cooked love here it is; 

Mexican Rice Bowl

500g of chuck steak or stewing steak any cheap cut that is marbled is perfect for the slow cooker. Cut into palm size chunks
1/2 cup water
I jar of salsa - as spicy as you like
1 satchel of taco or burrito spice mix - I used 'old el paso'

To Serve;
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese
Chopped Tomatoes
Chopped Lettuce
A few Corn Chips Crushed
Cooked Rice

Toss the meat in the spice mix and chuck it all (meat, water, jar of salsa) into the slow cooker on low for 4~5 Hours give it an occasional stir.
When cooked stir through some sour cream.

Assemble on a bed of rice with grated cheese, another dollop of sour cream, small sprinkle of corn chips for crunch, and lettuce and tomato. 

Melt in your mouth slow cooked mexican beef rice bowl

Bon Appetite

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Top 10 Helpful Tips - when starting a market stall

With the first markets under my belt here's what I learned; 

1) Location Location Location! Get in early with the organisers and get a good location
2) Have at least 3 changes of $50 I only had a float of $90 in various notes and coins and needed to get more change  of $50's early on. I also told someone I didn't have change of $50 and lost the sale.
3) Introduce yourself to the stall keepers next to you, its great for atmosphere but also if you need to nip into the loo they can keep and eye on your stall for you.
4) Do a practise run of the table set up before hand so that you can do it quickly and confidently on the day.
5) Make your table display appealing to the audience you are trying to attract. For me it is mainly mothers I want at my table so I had a really kid friendly colourful table with lots of lollies and sweets. 
More on the display as it is the most important tip I have - do some online research there are plenty of sites with market displays. be individual, quirky, creative and make sure once its set up you stand back and look at it from the front. 
6) Have plastic tubs organised I had one for my table display that had all the table clothes, table signs, chalk, plastic bags, packaging etc in it. I also have plastic tubs for my stock so its easy to pack and unpack. Also these make great little benches under the stall table so you can keep things on them.
7) Scope out the markets first well  to understand if your product is viable there. In my case my instinct was telling me people don't go to the market to buy party goods and they might only have a $30~$50 total spend budget in fact i would think most people don't plan to spend anything at all and its all impulse buys. So what I decided to do was sell sweets and in doing so attract lots of people to my stall so I could then talk to them about my party products and give them a business card. I'm essentially using the market as a platform to spread the word. 
8) Have all your stock priced, its also a good idea to have signs so that people that don't plan to stop and look can quickly see what you have and how much it is - this will encourage them to stop. 
9) This one seems obvious but be friendly, smile and chat 
10) Have fun

Diet Review 4 Months

Well I've been on the no carbs / low carbs diet now for over 4 months.

My conclusion is this is not working for me. Why I'm not sure I really have change our eating habits. I snack better, I have cut our white flour and white sugar. Eat mostly protein and fruit and vegetables.

Which I'm sure are all good things that are going to vastly improve my life and even my life span.

However I can honestly say its not a realistic diet to stick to especially if you have a partner or family that wont be on the same diet. My man no way hose he just wont compromise with pasta, rice, bread or sugar!
So cooking 2 meals is complicated and counting carbs daily is not reasonable.

I haven't noticed a huge difference in weight loss in total 5 kilos have come off and stayed off the 4 months. That is all though! My clothes size and looks are the same. I also don't feel any better or more energetic I might even feel slightly worst than before as I'm not as 'regular' anymore.

My plan now is to continue eating better snacks and less carbs and next time I see my doctor I will ask about other weight loss options.

So my update although not entirely positive is what it is. I guess its all part of the journey the ups and downs, the next step for me is more exercise ...can someone please send me their inspiration for this as I have none, ziltch, nada, zero.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Launch of my business is Near YIKES!

I haven't really done an update recently on my business.

I completely underestimated the time it would take to get all the stock, get myself ready and organise all the red tape. I am nearly there now though. The launch is so close I can taste it.

 I have 20 theme parties for kids and adults all ready to go & they are sensational.

I had loads of fun designing art work for my labels, packaging, flyers, business cards and making little signs and cute table displays for the market stall where I will launch everything.

The final thing I am waiting on is council to come and inspect my kitchen which makes me all jittery inside. Although I am clean we are renting at the moment so I feel sorry that I will be judged on someone Else's inferior kitchen. Such is life.

Here is the first sneak peak of some of my range. 



Disney Princess
Sponge Bob Square Pants

Disney Cars
Hello Kitty
Thomas the Tank Engine

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Korean Bath Houses

Korean Bath House

If you haven't ever been to a Korean Bath House and had a body scrub then you need to put it on your bucket list to do. 

Korean Scrubbing Mitt
They take exfoliation to the next level and I have never been able to replicate the results by myself even using the same mitt they use. 
I've been to Korean Bath Houses in Australia, Japan and Korea and other than the price difference they all follow the same formula. 
You enter into the bathroom area and there will be an open shower area where you sit on small stools and shower yourself clean. Then you spend some time going in and out of different steam rooms, saunas and various temperature various mineral content baths / hot springs. Some places are more elaborate than others I've been to one with a pool and salt room.It was like a spa and water world combined.

Scrub at Korean Bath House
Then the magic part begins the scrub down, when its your turn a Korean lady will do the scrub for you. They are usually older ladies that are wearing just their underwear (usually black and lacy I don't know why but this has turned out to be the formula whereever I go?!).
They will put a freshly grated cucumber on your face and then start the body scrub with a mitt on. Your top layers of skin will literally peel away, you actually see it peeling off you, almost like if you have ever been sun burnt and peeled in the shower. So for a first timer it might be a bit of a shock! 
After the big peel they will shiatsu massage you with baby oil and milk. Then you just rinse off and voila skin will be so baby soft you wont recognise it.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Exfoliation- Go Hard or Go Home

It occurs to me that a big part of me is my love for beauty stuff. 
I love all things beauty the products, the technology, the colour, the techniques, the creativity, the make up and on and on. 
So a part of this blog has to be given to my feelings thoughts and advice on all things beauty. 
In my long and various career I once dabbled at being a beautician and  although I loved many many parts of being a beautician I also got to a point where a vast majority of my time was spent on hair removal. It was at the beginning of the Brazilian xxx wax craze and I just thought to my self one day this is someones vagina! I'm tired of spending my days looking at vagina's. Hence a career change was imminent. 

So my first little piece is all about Exfoliation
In western culture Exfoliation is vastly under done and under valued. 

My time in Japan has taught me that they don't all look younger and have beautiful skin for nothing. Although there is an element of diet, weather and culture it is also true that they exfoliate everyday. 

So I have taken much of my own routine from Japan and and hopefully will reap the rewards as I get older with fresh younger looking skin. I can comment that I do have pretty soft skin and have landed a toy boy 10 years younger ;)

My number one tip is don't be afraid to go hard, use a hard scratchy glove or sponge equivalent and use it everyday. I get mine from Asian supermarkets because I find the ones sold in the normal supermarket too soft. 

Its simple to make an amazing homemade scrub by mixing a cup of either raw sugar or rock salt with a bit of baby oil (use a few drops of your favourite essential oil as well to make it smell special) and about a teaspoon of warmed honey (honey can be left out I just like it to help bind the scrub and its a natural astringent so helps with body pimples, abrasions and ingrown hair - actually I changed my mind honey is compulsory). Use this once a week what I do is after I've washed myself  I turn off the shower and scrub all over especially my feet and hard areas and let it sit for a few minutes - just keep scrubbing then rinse. I promise this will rock your world! 

Best Body Scrub Recipe
1-2 cups raw sugar or rock salt
1 spoonful of melted honey
2 spoonfuls of baby oil
A few drops of essential oil

Face Scrubs - well I use the above one even on my face -I can imagine it being too much for newbies though. I love the Aapri face scrub its really cheap will last a long time and is tough not like some of the really wussy so called scrubs out there. 

If you have some money to burn and want to have a facial and don't know what to try, why not try microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is basically a machine with a diamond tip they rub all over your face to remove the top layer of dead skin.

So what are you waiting for go get scrubbing!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Favourites - Spaghetti Bolognaise

I don't think I have ever met someone that dislikes Spag Bol its delicious and real comfort food and I'm pretty sure just quietly that this recipe is the reason my mister wants to marry me. There might be other reasons and recipes too but this one sealed the deal.

Here it is my favourite and easiest Spaghetti Recipe.

1 or 2 large brown onion diced
4 cloves of garlic roughly chopped
Olive oil
300g Beef mince 
300g Pork mince
1 teaspoon Beef stock powder
1/2 cup ~ cup Dry red or white wine
2 table spoons tomato paste
1 Can of diced tomatoes
1 Jar of tomato sauce
Dried Oregano
Dried Basil
Dried Parsley
I ~2 bay leaf
1 teaspoon sugar 
1~2 cups water
Optional a few drops of chili oil or fresh or powdered chili can be used 
Salt & Pepper
How To;
Slowly heat a generous amount of olive oil and add onion -when it just starts to turn translucent add garlic after roughly a minute add mince and sprinkle with beef stock powder at this stage stir meat constantly to stop it becoming lumpy and a few shakes of salt. 
Once meat is browned add the can of tomatoes and wine and simmer until wine is mostly evaporated.
Stir in tomato paste and sugar add jar of tomato sauce (I've tried many brands however a cheap brand wont make all that much difference because we are adding in so much flavour).
Add one or two bay leaves, approximately a table spoon each of oregano, basil and parsley and some freshly ground black pepper mix all this in I also add a couple of drops of chili oil or Tabasco at this stage. Add a cup of water and lower the heat to as low as it will go and cover with lid. 
I slow cook this for at least 2 hours stirring occasionally add more water if necessary.

Notes & Observations; 
Other things that I sometimes add to this mix if I have some on hand are carrot, mushrooms and bacon just add after the meat is browned.  
Save on a cheaper jar of tomato pasta sauce and instead use the money to get shaved parmasan cheese, its so much nicer than the powdered type. This isn't the 70's anymore you can do it.
Now I'm not one for measuring so don't panic if you want to use less or more of something this is such an adaptable recipe.
The wonderful thing about Spag Bol is that you can forget an ingredient and add it later. Its easy just to bung all the ingredients in a pot and let the magic happen its a very difficult dish to mess up really.

Bon Appetit


Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Favourite - The Simpsons

I love love love The Simpsons I can watch them over and over again and never tire of them.
My friends and I often use Simpson quotes in our conversations and try to out do each other in the obscurity. I secretly respect people more when they pepper their conversations with Simpsons quotes or at the very least chuckle at my own.

I personally think that The Simpsons has defined a generation. This is a big call and I'm sure there will be those that disagree. Surely what is indisputable however is that they are one of the most recognisable and universally relateable in pop culture. 

Here are a few of my favourite quotes;
Homer: Oh, so they have Internet on computers now!
Ralph: Me fail English? That’s unpossible.
Milhouse: Then why did I have the bowl, Bart? Why did I have the bowl?
Homer: with $10,000 we’d be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like…love!  
Homer: Save me, Jeebus.
Homer: You don’t win friends with salad.

For more fun quotes check out here

My Top 3 Episodes of all time are; 
Homer to the Max
When the new television show, "Police Cops" premiers with a savvy character holding Homer's full name, the real-life Homer enjoys mock-stardom en masse. But when the show is retooled to give the character a Gomer Pyle-like facade, Homer changes his name to Max Power to escape the laughing and taunts of fellow townspeople.
A memorable scene is Homer singing about his name..."the name who you'd love to touch, but you mustn't touuuuuch"...hilarious!
Episode quote: Homer: There's the right way the wrong way and the Max Power way
Bart: isn't that the wrong way?
Homer: Yeah but faster!

Lisa's Rival
It looks as if Lisa's days as the class brain are numbered when the new student proves to be smarter, younger, and plays the sax better than her. Meanwhile, Homer strikes white gold in the form of an over-turned Sugar truck.
A memorable scene is when Homer is in the backyard trying to guard his sugar pile and he makes a paranoid slightly mental speech. 
Marge: Homer, when are you going to give up this crazy sugar scheme? 
Homer: Never! Never, Marge. I can't live the button-down life like you. I want it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. Sure, I might offend a few of the bluenoses with my cocky stride and musky odours -- oh, I'll never be the darling of the so-called ‘City Fathers’ who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about "What's to be done with this Homer Simpson?"
Also fun to quote are the bee guys. "no noise suggests no bees the beemobil- is another of my favourites.

Homer Phobia
John [John Waters guest stars] a collectable store owner befriends the Simpson family when Marge tries to sell a family heirloom, but after discovering he is a homosexual Homer fears Bart will emulate him. So he attempts to make him a man in a series of hilarious events. 
Best Quote: Zap

Narrowing that down was harder than I thought it would be I might have to list a top 10 next time.
Fun Simpsons Quiz here.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Month 2 - Lets Review

I have now been on my diet for 9 weeks and I can say there have been some successes and some disappointment and plodding.

I have basically replaced all White carbs for healthier Brown carbs.
This means I now eat only wholemeal and wholegrain, brown rice, raw brown sugar.

I've stopped completely drinking coke and other fizzy sugar filled drinks, beer, maccas and other junk food, white sugar, white bread and white flour. I feel healthier and this makes me happy.

As mentioned I have been weak at times too and had some lapses. I am also not a motivated exerciser I much rather read a book or watch a DVD than be exerting myself. Having said that I have been doing much more than when I first started making a conscious effort to be more active. Still room to improve! I have finally yesterday got my ab roller so when I build it (yes that means when my mister builds it for me - I am a shonky wonky builder) I plan to set myself the goal of 1000 sit ups per day. Yes its a lofty goal but I don't mind sit ups (I can watch a DVD while doing them) and have achieved this in the past.
My overall Weight Loss has been really slow and sluggish though and this is disheartening to say the least! All up in 9 weeks I have dropped 5 kilos still 25 to go.

Next week along with my sit ups I am going to try eating more fruit just to mix it up a bit.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Introducing My Friday Favourites

Well since I spend a portion of this blog ranting about things that I don't like I thought it might be nice to balance it out with a section on things that I love. This won't be a section about people or pets it will be strictly about things.

For my First Friday Favourites I will dedicate it to my favourite shoes ahhhh sigh

My ALL Time Favourites

Found this hot pink pair on sale for $40 in Witner - I Heart Them

Most Favourite Sexiest

These are my engagement shoes Burnt Orange -from Zu

Most Favourite BUT Unnecessary 

Another bargain from Windsor Smith -Blue Gladiator hard to wear for any period of time

Most Favourite BUT Outlandish

White Stiletto CowBoy Boots need I say more?!!

Slight Addiction to Steve Madden

Part of my collection I do love this brand so daring and sexy

Most Wanted 

These are HOT Christian Louboutin 2012 Spring Collection

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Supermarket Rant - Part 2

As I previously suspected I would need to do more than one piece on this topic.
I think that like driving the supermarket can be a real place for annoyance as there are so many walks or life in one small place all trying to do their own agenda in the quickest cheapest way.

Again in  no particular order;

The gets in your Personal Space person - Speaks for itself as the super market gets busier there is a part of us that subconsciously accepts there will be an element of this. There is a silent agreement between us all to try and respect each others personal space. Sometimes though going through the check out especially there is that person that is behind you standing waaaaay too close. I mean I'm at the card swipe and they are next to me instead of waiting their turn at the end of the conveyor belt. Creepy people do this!

The Uncontrollable Kids - Now I know that as someone without children my opinion means less because I don't have any idea of the hardships you parents are enduring. I can however make a comparison with 99% of other parents that do seem to manage to raise lovely well behaved even polite children. That is all.

The Unpriced Item - This is where Murphy's law also plays a helping hand its always one of the last items to be scanned that has no price and requires a price check, which requires the checkout operator to either call out over the loud speaker or just ring her bell and wait for someone to come and walk all the way to the shelf where you got the item. Is it just me or do we not live in the age of technology surely the check out computer scanner things can work like a search engine of products and they could look up the item quicker? Or that bar code could actually do more. In this day and age heads should roll for this offence!

The (NO) Parking Space - Is it just me or are parking spaces getting smaller. Now I'm not driving a soccer mum car either (don't get me started on soccer mum cars in the city sheeesh) Although in this towns defence there is a need for 4wd's out here, it's the country and there are many dirt roads and situations where you actually need to drive one. As I was saying before I so rudely started a different rant. My car is small but its still a really tight squeeze to park. No wonder so many dings happen in supermarket car parks.