Thursday, 17 May 2012

Exfoliation- Go Hard or Go Home

It occurs to me that a big part of me is my love for beauty stuff. 
I love all things beauty the products, the technology, the colour, the techniques, the creativity, the make up and on and on. 
So a part of this blog has to be given to my feelings thoughts and advice on all things beauty. 
In my long and various career I once dabbled at being a beautician and  although I loved many many parts of being a beautician I also got to a point where a vast majority of my time was spent on hair removal. It was at the beginning of the Brazilian xxx wax craze and I just thought to my self one day this is someones vagina! I'm tired of spending my days looking at vagina's. Hence a career change was imminent. 

So my first little piece is all about Exfoliation
In western culture Exfoliation is vastly under done and under valued. 

My time in Japan has taught me that they don't all look younger and have beautiful skin for nothing. Although there is an element of diet, weather and culture it is also true that they exfoliate everyday. 

So I have taken much of my own routine from Japan and and hopefully will reap the rewards as I get older with fresh younger looking skin. I can comment that I do have pretty soft skin and have landed a toy boy 10 years younger ;)

My number one tip is don't be afraid to go hard, use a hard scratchy glove or sponge equivalent and use it everyday. I get mine from Asian supermarkets because I find the ones sold in the normal supermarket too soft. 

Its simple to make an amazing homemade scrub by mixing a cup of either raw sugar or rock salt with a bit of baby oil (use a few drops of your favourite essential oil as well to make it smell special) and about a teaspoon of warmed honey (honey can be left out I just like it to help bind the scrub and its a natural astringent so helps with body pimples, abrasions and ingrown hair - actually I changed my mind honey is compulsory). Use this once a week what I do is after I've washed myself  I turn off the shower and scrub all over especially my feet and hard areas and let it sit for a few minutes - just keep scrubbing then rinse. I promise this will rock your world! 

Best Body Scrub Recipe
1-2 cups raw sugar or rock salt
1 spoonful of melted honey
2 spoonfuls of baby oil
A few drops of essential oil

Face Scrubs - well I use the above one even on my face -I can imagine it being too much for newbies though. I love the Aapri face scrub its really cheap will last a long time and is tough not like some of the really wussy so called scrubs out there. 

If you have some money to burn and want to have a facial and don't know what to try, why not try microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is basically a machine with a diamond tip they rub all over your face to remove the top layer of dead skin.

So what are you waiting for go get scrubbing!!

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