Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Big B Botox Baby

So as my 40th creeps nearer and nearer as my present to myself I am getting Botox for the first time!!

I know that there are going to be people say negative things like "ageing graciously blah blah". However I disagree I think that using cosmetic techniques and surgery to your advantage is in the same league as wearing make up. Both are to enhance your looks and confidence.
Obviously if you use too much of either you are going to look silly which defeats the whole purpose entirely.

So wish me luck!!!! Here's to ageing graciously using all beauty technology and tricks to ones advantage :)

Stay tuned I plan to post before and after shots ........


  1. Yeah, don’t mind the things people are saying. Achieve mental freedom by doing what you want. Undergoing Botox is a personal choice, after all. All of us have our own issues, and if there’s a way to remediate one, if only to put up with our personal satisfaction, do so! :D

  2. We all make our own choices and whatever it is, as long as it’ll make us happy, the opinions of others don’t matter at all. Go where or what will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled; just don’t go overboard – set your limitations! If you can afford botox, then go for it. :)