Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Face Peels - Home Chemical Peel

One of my winter beauty routines is to use a hard core astringent for one month every winter. 

The Astringent I use is not for the faint hearted it will actually peel your skin off and for a month you will have various levels of face peeling, redness and stinging. You need to make sure you use great moisturisers and sunblock religiously for the whole month or you will do more damage and defeat the purpose of the month of peeling and pain.

I use a brand called 'extraderm' which you can get in all Filipino grocery stores - before you write it off as no good think about all the Asians you know and how great their skin is and how young looking they stay. Also its cheap as chips the last bottle I got (which is enough for just over a month) cost $4.50AU
They have 3 different strengths 1 being the weakest and 3 being the strongest. For first timers try a level 1 its lighter and of course so will be the results. This one contains Tretinoin which is the acid form of vitamin A and hydroquinone which is the skin lightening agent.
Its a 3 fold plan 
To peel away all my dead skin helping reduce fine lines
Clean out all my blackheads and reduce the size of pours - I have giant ones due to very oily skin
And finally to fade freckles sun and age spots.

I've used this every winter for one month for the past 19 years and love it within days although my skin is feeling sensitive all my blackheads practically fall out of my face. 

I recommend that you use it nightly after you have cleaned your face in place of a toner - check out the cotton wool when you've wiped your face it will come away dirty. Slather on a moisturiser try something with a skin lightener. I'm using Loreal Luminize this year and Lucus Papaw ointment on any sensitive areas. Before bed I use my usual night cream on top of all that. I also try to take a skin helping vitamin for the month I do my peel. There are many 'hair skin and nail' blends on the market at the moment anything with E and B in it is wonderful for the skin. This year i have chosen Silicea and I could bang on about it for hours its ah-mazing!!

Remember its not for the fragile skinned or pregnant women
Good Luck if you dare!

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