Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wedding Update - 9 months to go

So it's been a while since I updated about my wedding and all the plans.  It's also been one year since I got engaged so that is whole year of planning writing lists in my head and real ones.

So venue is booked and menu is chosen (i will post a copy of this next time). Tick!

Since it is at a resort in Phuket I have chosen a nice aqua blue colour as my accent colour. Another Tick!!

I have organised my invitations from message in a bottle invitations and they look amazing. Little glass bottles with sand and shells inside and a scroll these compliment my theme perfectly and will really help set the mood and hopefully raise the excitement. I'm not sure why but some people when they hear we are having a wedding overseas often have comments such as "isn't it just a casual thing" or "I thought you guys weren't having a big wedding" I think that because we aren't inviting as many guests it might be the assumption that we won't bother with the wedding traditions. Maybe people assume its a financial motive as well. Thinking that it must be cheap because its Thailand.

Of course because its Thailand our dollar stretches much further than it would in Australia. Which in my mind means I can have things I wouldn't get to have here. Such as ice sculpture and video guy. But I think that what we will spend overall is the same as what someone would pay here. We are having less guests as a personal choice to keep it intimate and special. So we hope to spend more on the little touches that will show our appreciation for those that spent all that money to come and share the special day.

The cake topper has been done it is a really cute representation of us. I found this person on Etsy mud cards and loved her work you need to contact her at least 10 months in advanced though so be organised.

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