Sunday, 17 June 2012

Diet Review 4 Months

Well I've been on the no carbs / low carbs diet now for over 4 months.

My conclusion is this is not working for me. Why I'm not sure I really have change our eating habits. I snack better, I have cut our white flour and white sugar. Eat mostly protein and fruit and vegetables.

Which I'm sure are all good things that are going to vastly improve my life and even my life span.

However I can honestly say its not a realistic diet to stick to especially if you have a partner or family that wont be on the same diet. My man no way hose he just wont compromise with pasta, rice, bread or sugar!
So cooking 2 meals is complicated and counting carbs daily is not reasonable.

I haven't noticed a huge difference in weight loss in total 5 kilos have come off and stayed off the 4 months. That is all though! My clothes size and looks are the same. I also don't feel any better or more energetic I might even feel slightly worst than before as I'm not as 'regular' anymore.

My plan now is to continue eating better snacks and less carbs and next time I see my doctor I will ask about other weight loss options.

So my update although not entirely positive is what it is. I guess its all part of the journey the ups and downs, the next step for me is more exercise ...can someone please send me their inspiration for this as I have none, ziltch, nada, zero.

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