Thursday, 21 June 2012

Slow Cooker - YUM

Don't you just love winter?
Snuggling under a warm blanket, the fire place, jackets, scarves boots, uggs, gloves the list goes on and on.

Well even if you aren't like me and in love with winter there is one thing that surely everyone loves about winter and that is the food! Am I right? Hearty Soul Food.
All those homemade chunky soups and stews.

Here is a recipe that a friend of mine put on her facebook recently and it combined two of my loves the slow cooker and Mexican so I was excited to try it and can confirm it is awesome! She also has a great BLOG here with lots of recipes & mummy tips
So to share the warm yummy Mexican slow cooked love here it is; 

Mexican Rice Bowl

500g of chuck steak or stewing steak any cheap cut that is marbled is perfect for the slow cooker. Cut into palm size chunks
1/2 cup water
I jar of salsa - as spicy as you like
1 satchel of taco or burrito spice mix - I used 'old el paso'

To Serve;
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese
Chopped Tomatoes
Chopped Lettuce
A few Corn Chips Crushed
Cooked Rice

Toss the meat in the spice mix and chuck it all (meat, water, jar of salsa) into the slow cooker on low for 4~5 Hours give it an occasional stir.
When cooked stir through some sour cream.

Assemble on a bed of rice with grated cheese, another dollop of sour cream, small sprinkle of corn chips for crunch, and lettuce and tomato. 

Melt in your mouth slow cooked mexican beef rice bowl

Bon Appetite

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  1. Yum, I can almost taste it Stacey :)
    Gunna have to make this for me and my 2 girls but Rob and Jakey won't eat this, they ate so bloody fussy and hubby doesn't like slow cookers, crazy right??
    I on the other hand LOVE this sort of food and can't wait to try this in the slow cooker, Fantastic .... Love winter comfort food
    Thankyou hunni xo
    Geoff is a lucky ducky
    Luv Nikki xo