Thursday, 26 April 2012

Introducing My Friday Favourites

Well since I spend a portion of this blog ranting about things that I don't like I thought it might be nice to balance it out with a section on things that I love. This won't be a section about people or pets it will be strictly about things.

For my First Friday Favourites I will dedicate it to my favourite shoes ahhhh sigh

My ALL Time Favourites

Found this hot pink pair on sale for $40 in Witner - I Heart Them

Most Favourite Sexiest

These are my engagement shoes Burnt Orange -from Zu

Most Favourite BUT Unnecessary 

Another bargain from Windsor Smith -Blue Gladiator hard to wear for any period of time

Most Favourite BUT Outlandish

White Stiletto CowBoy Boots need I say more?!!

Slight Addiction to Steve Madden

Part of my collection I do love this brand so daring and sexy

Most Wanted 

These are HOT Christian Louboutin 2012 Spring Collection

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