Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Supermarket Rant - Part 2

As I previously suspected I would need to do more than one piece on this topic.
I think that like driving the supermarket can be a real place for annoyance as there are so many walks or life in one small place all trying to do their own agenda in the quickest cheapest way.

Again in  no particular order;

The gets in your Personal Space person - Speaks for itself as the super market gets busier there is a part of us that subconsciously accepts there will be an element of this. There is a silent agreement between us all to try and respect each others personal space. Sometimes though going through the check out especially there is that person that is behind you standing waaaaay too close. I mean I'm at the card swipe and they are next to me instead of waiting their turn at the end of the conveyor belt. Creepy people do this!

The Uncontrollable Kids - Now I know that as someone without children my opinion means less because I don't have any idea of the hardships you parents are enduring. I can however make a comparison with 99% of other parents that do seem to manage to raise lovely well behaved even polite children. That is all.

The Unpriced Item - This is where Murphy's law also plays a helping hand its always one of the last items to be scanned that has no price and requires a price check, which requires the checkout operator to either call out over the loud speaker or just ring her bell and wait for someone to come and walk all the way to the shelf where you got the item. Is it just me or do we not live in the age of technology surely the check out computer scanner things can work like a search engine of products and they could look up the item quicker? Or that bar code could actually do more. In this day and age heads should roll for this offence!

The (NO) Parking Space - Is it just me or are parking spaces getting smaller. Now I'm not driving a soccer mum car either (don't get me started on soccer mum cars in the city sheeesh) Although in this towns defence there is a need for 4wd's out here, it's the country and there are many dirt roads and situations where you actually need to drive one. As I was saying before I so rudely started a different rant. My car is small but its still a really tight squeeze to park. No wonder so many dings happen in supermarket car parks.


  1. What about the people with more than 10 items that go through the 10 items or less checkout??!!

  2. Oh! and what about the people that argue with the 15 year old checkout chick about the price of stuff...remember when we were at the bakery and some lady cracked it that her pie went up by 7 cents!!!