Friday, 27 April 2012

Month 2 - Lets Review

I have now been on my diet for 9 weeks and I can say there have been some successes and some disappointment and plodding.

I have basically replaced all White carbs for healthier Brown carbs.
This means I now eat only wholemeal and wholegrain, brown rice, raw brown sugar.

I've stopped completely drinking coke and other fizzy sugar filled drinks, beer, maccas and other junk food, white sugar, white bread and white flour. I feel healthier and this makes me happy.

As mentioned I have been weak at times too and had some lapses. I am also not a motivated exerciser I much rather read a book or watch a DVD than be exerting myself. Having said that I have been doing much more than when I first started making a conscious effort to be more active. Still room to improve! I have finally yesterday got my ab roller so when I build it (yes that means when my mister builds it for me - I am a shonky wonky builder) I plan to set myself the goal of 1000 sit ups per day. Yes its a lofty goal but I don't mind sit ups (I can watch a DVD while doing them) and have achieved this in the past.
My overall Weight Loss has been really slow and sluggish though and this is disheartening to say the least! All up in 9 weeks I have dropped 5 kilos still 25 to go.

Next week along with my sit ups I am going to try eating more fruit just to mix it up a bit.

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  1. Remember the A B lounge your mum bought you for christmas and how that didn't help with your hangover at the time but it did help with the sit ups