Saturday, 10 March 2012

Diet - week 2 review

So this weeks weight loss was minimal which is disheartening. Not even a full kilo of total weight loss and I still look as porky as usual and my clothes don't feel looser so this week I can only assume that my metabolism went into hibernation and did nothing. I guess its not surprising!
I did do a little memory lane tripping and looking at old photos of me in my 20's for my blog on 'My Glam Past' here and it has kept me motivated. Its a good idea I think to look at old photos and compare them to recent ones because when I just rely on myself looking in the mirror it is apparent that I go into a state of delusion and don't see the weight there.

  • I was able to kick my extra coffee a day so I'm down to one which is acceptable YAY!
  • I found snacking easier I just stuck to cheese, cucumber and carrot.
  • Still stuck to only 20 grams of carbs a day and had nothing fun like bread, pasta, beer, sugar, cake, coke, chocolate....Lived on meat, cheese,eggs and green veges
  • A welcome kit arrived from Atkins with a recipe book and 2 chocolate bars that actually taste ok. 

  • Although i love breakfast- I'm a bit over cooking every morning. I miss cereal its so easy.
  • Struggled to drink 8 glasses of water, but we have ordered a water chiller to be delivered early next week for home so that should make it easier.
  • Still struggling with the exercise portion of things - getting up early in the morning isn't as fun as it seems I wonder how sporty fit people get the motivation to do it?
  • I feel a bit blue and cranky this week - not sure if its diet related or just a blue mood.
Still to do;
  • Buy some sort of Ab lounge cruncher helper machine
  • make a vision board of me skinny to help with motivation
  • lose 28 kilos
  • Stay on phase one at least another 2 weeks.
Well thats week 2 done and dusted! There is roughly 70 weeks until the wedding in Phuket (not that I'm counting!).  So when I look at it like that its OK if some weeks my body doesn't drop weight i need to lose 4 grams a week....that does seem do-a-ble.

Gooooooooooo Plan Bikini Body!

Stacey xx

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