Monday, 5 March 2012

I held up an International Flight- oops!

On the weekend I heard from an old friend of mine. She had just read my blog and messaged me to say she liked it. That was nice! Then she reminded me of a story from my past that I had completely forgotten about. I thought I'd share it here since I did a whole 'rant' on people that hold you up on flights and how very annoying that is.
Turns out I have been the culprit of this myself and in a BIG way not just the way I was ranting about.

It was the first time i was travelling overseas I was flying to Japan via Indonesia with a group of 5 other girls. I had just turned 20 and was on my way to work in Japan on a 6 month contract hostessing at a club.
Anyway here is how I held up a whole international flight for nearly an hour and copped death stares from the other passengers.

I went through check in , then through the restricted area, baggage check and then lined up at immigration. When it was finally my turn they were already boarding my flight and we may have even been paged over the loud speaker at that stage. The immigration guy says you haven't paid your airport tax....well truth be told I had never heard of it so that is why I hadn't paid it. So I have to go all the way back out near where you check in and find a counter to pay airport tax. A ground crew came and ran me through the various queues making people hate me for jumping the line. They sprinted me through back parts of the airport whilst they spoke on walkie talkies it was all very dramatic.

I got on the flight and there was no doubt I was the bad guy! Oopsy!

The crew of girls I originally went to Japan clockwise left bottom-Miley, Holly, me, Karen, Tracey

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