Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Getting this party business organised.

For the past month every day I have been receiving exciting deliveries of all sorts of stock, packaging and marketing materials. Its all starting to come together now and I couldn't be more excited.

Here's what I've been up to;
I ordered a small banner from vista print have I mentioned I love them I'd marry them if I could! Vista Print I got it for just a $1 plus postage in one of their deal emails that they send regularly. See pays to open them sometimes not just delete them. I was going to buy one and they cost around $80 usually- Yipeee gotta love a bargain!
Already got my business cards another deal from vista print for free. Just had to pay postage.
I designed a flyer and labels for the boxes myself which look great. I've also done all the activity suggestion cards & recipe cards these took a lot of time and research to compile. Each card is unique to each theme to help give the buyer extra ideas with their party for games, activities, decoration and menu. The good news is once they are done I don't have to do it again only with each added theme.

My sample stock arrived they sent me one of every item in one of every design that I want. They were perfect better than I had hoped for! The big order has been put through and now. So that is the standard boxes taken care of!
These are the themes I have chosen for this first batch (that will hopefully grow from there)
Barbie (how could I not) Spiderman, Batman, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Hello Kitty, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars & Disney Princess.
Each box will contain enough for 8 kiddies of the following: invitations / envelopes, plates, cups, napkins, table cover (1), loot bags, blowers, party hats, 15 balloons, laminated activities & recipe cards

I have also just finished some premium party boxes which i think are awesome.

Girls Slumber Party, Summer Cocktail Party, Pirate, Smurf, Garden Party, Movie Night & Hens Night.
These boxes contain everything you need also like plates, cups, napkins, but they also contain little extra accent items that are unique to that theme. Like in the slumber party box there is a manicure set and cute panda sleeping masks. The movie night contains silly straws, popcorn cones & bags that type of extra detail is what makes them premium.

Next themes that are contenders for premium boxes are babushka, ladybug, jungle, animal print, masquerade, Halloween, Hollywood, Japan, cowboy & pink pirate.

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