Friday, 2 March 2012

Atkins Diet end of week 1 -Lets Review

Diary entry for week one, It's done and I survived! Lets get straight to the weight loss I lost 2 kilos. Which is 4.4 pounds that sounds better.This is the converter that I have been using click here

Here are the Highs and Lows;

  • By the end of the week I didn't need to use a calculator and list of allowed foods, I have it down pat now what I am allowed and rarely need to double check. This is great because counting or weighing food isn't fun and could be a major deterrent to people in the first couple of days for wanting to drop the diet all together as its too much work. Just stick with it you'll become an expert really quick. 
  • I love breakfast bacon & eggs I mean that is heaven!
  • Drinking 8 glasses of  water didn't turn out as hard as I thought once I realised I didn't need to drink 8 bottles of water just 8 glasses! Which is only about 3 bottles and quite manageable. 
  • My energy levels and feelings of starvation were much better by about day 5 which is great.
My breakfast this morning, I can have 3 slices of bacon a day and as many eggs as i want!

  •  I weighed myself after a couple of days and discovered that I had gained weight. This was incredibly disheartening as you can imagine. I had given up everything I love for days and felt worst had no energy and was so bloated! 
This is why don't weigh yourself that often just once a week do it in the morning once you have 'emptied' but before you have eaten breakfast. 
  • I started the diet at a bad time of month as far as my own cravings and body bloatedness goes. I'd recommend keeping this in mind before you start. 
  • I have to get up in the middle of night to go to the toilet because of all the water I'm drinking. NOT FUN!
  • I sometimes have to make myself a different meal than my partners as he isn't participating. It would be easier to do it as a family. 
  •  I needed to take fibre pills -which the website said I would -I just felt I was a regular type of girl and wouldn't need them. Fibre pills are expensive and you need a lot I'm on 12 a day at the moment. 
  • I have no discipline when it comes to exercising. But i rediscovered my xbox so hopefully next week I lose more than 2 kilos.
  • I cheated a couple of times I had 2 nectarines that I had bought before i started. I miss fruit.
  • The taste of artificial sweetener is pretty bad but I will endure it in my one coffee a day and then when I reach a better state of metabolism I will switch it back to raw sugar there is a low GI one that is good.
I think that I have to accept I will be on phase one the introduction 'detox' stage for longer than two weeks. In fairness to the diet plan though it is probably a bit harder for me to re-program my metabolism than others. Mine is truely screwed.

Hopefully next week has more highs than lows wish me luck 

Stacey xx

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