Sunday, 26 February 2012

Diet Day 1 D-Day

Fatty McFat Fat - Diet Day 1 D-Day
I have spent the weekend researching the Atkins diet and many others including dukan, cabbage, lemon detox. I have actually tried the lemon detox diet in the past but was unable to sustain not eating for 7 days I hated the flavor of the drink and i just ended up binging after a couple of days. 

A tiny background on me is that I have polycystic ovary syndrome which I have only this past year had properly diagnosed. A major problem with having it diagnosed so late is that my metabolism is completely screwed. A side affect of the syndrome is not being able to metabolise properly and even developing type 2 diabetes as a result. I am on  medication now called Metformin to try to help my body with its metabolism. I have also had periods in my life where I have been prescribed long term heavy steroids and I'm certain that this has played a huge part in my ability to shed weight. 

But excuses aside there is a lot more that I could be doing. I eat poorly, drink alcohol everyday, love coke and don't really exercise at all. 

I have chosen Atkins as it seems to me an easy one to maintain and will fit my current eating patterns / lifestyle. 

The basis of Atkins is to firstly eliminate carbs from your diet and change how your body metabolises.
Then to gradually introduce some carbs back so that its easy to maintain.
The first 'phase' goes for 2 weeks and is like a detox. No alcohol! No sugar (not even fruit) and NO CARBS at all.  

The things I like are;
  • You don't have to calorie count 
  • You can have meat and cheese and eggs
  • It allows coke zero and one coffee a day
  • I can have cream, butter and dressings like mayo
  • I can introduce fruit in phase 2
The things that I will struggle with;
  • Bread I will miss bread and be a bit lost at lunch when I usually eat a sandwich. 
  • Snacks I usually eat unhealthy snacks and there are tons in the house that will tempt me.
  • Fruit -in phase 1 and 2 there isn't really any fruit allowed. 
  • Chocolate- this will be a tough one especially that time of month when I crave crave crave it. 
  • Drinking 8 glasses of water
  • Exercising I hate it- we have decided to get up early and walk the dog to start us off.
  • It will be hard to introduce healthy cooking to my mister he is very fussy and very set in his unhealthy eating ways.
To add to my 'to do list' 

1) Buy the recommended supplements- multi vitamin without iron, omega 3 and fiber. 
2) Research if my medication will have adverse effects on my diet plan. I am specifically worried about my blood sugar levels getting so low that i pass out. I might need to carry jelly beans -but I'm worried that I will just eat whole bag of jelly beans and defeat the purpose of diet. 

Diet starts today wish me luck!! 

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