Sunday, 12 February 2012

Our Wedding - Thailand Delight -The Plan

We have decided on a destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand this is a compromise for us. I wanted to elope spontaneously or not marry at all. My man though is more old fashioned and suggested getting married in Phuket with our families and close friends without hoopla as he puts it (what he doesn't know won't hurt him).

The plan is to get married at the Holiday Inn in Phuket I chose this location simply because my sisters best friend 3 years ago got married there and it looked amazing. I feel I can trust them and comfortable I know what to expect. I emailed the hotel and they were brilliant a professional wedding planner for the hotel got straight back to me in English!

Save the dates
Have been sent giving guests a year and a half to prepare. I just got cute magnets made up of a photo we had taken on a beautiful beach over Christmas whilst camping at Esperance in Western Australia.

You cant beat the price I mean something that would cost us $30'000 here will only cost us around $5'000 there. This means that we can spend more on a honeymoon and having a great holiday with our families and friends. We can spend a little extra on something nice for our favours as well since there are far less people to cater for.

Favour Ideas
Some ideas I've had for my favours are a personalised canvas beach goodies bag for each guest containing heaps of fun tropical themed gifts. Like sunglasses, sun lotion, pool games, luggage tags, shell chocolates etc. Or we could get an underwater camera for each couple and a mini photo album. This is appealing as there is less to organise and will take up less space in our baggage. I'm still swinging between the two options and since there is a year and half left to plan I might completely change my mind again.

Colour & Theme
My sister wants me to call the wedding "Thailand Delight"
My colours will be turquoise blue and purple - purple chosen because the hotel grow their own Singapore Orchids that are purple and they will decorate with these anyway so i might as well incorporate the colour to match other accents.
Some of the things I plan to do as colour accents are have personalised fans for each guest in the 2 colours, I will have parasols to match as well to blend with the tropical Asian style I'm going for.
I will wrap the favours in these colours (when i decide on a favour that is).
I am also thinking of having fabulous turquoise sparkly shoes, as my dress will not be full length these will be a statement piece. I'm very known for my love of shoes and I don't think I could NOT not have statement fantabulous shoes as part of my special day.

Tokyo is the front runner at this stage - only thing I have against it is we have been there before in fact I lived there. I think we should spend a few nights in Bangkok and a few other Thai islands such as Phi Phi & Koh Samui and I wouldn't mind Vietnam, Hong Kong or Shanghai on the way home for 2 weeks of shopping, eating and sight seeing.

I want these to be either message in a bottle or a luggage tag or both and I imagine I'll construct them myself.

So there is still loads to do and think about and plan and buy and organise and procastinate about and research and try on and make. How Exciting!!!


  1. Hey Stacey Lou! The Holiday Inn in Phuket is lovely - my brother got married there in 2009. Have you checked out the Burisara Hotel across the road - its beautiful and may be a bit more intimate - the only negative thing I have to say about the Holiday Inn is that if you get married there its a bit like being the attraction in the zoo and its not very private or intimate.. I have attached a link below:
    OMG thats cool that you have picked out a date and now to find the dress!

  2. I feel the Bridesman's shirt should match your shoes. I suggest you choose different shoes lol

  3. The Bridesman will be wearing a blue shirt I have posted a picture of it on my wedding vision board above. I haven't settled on the shoes yet I just know they will be blue and blingy.