Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Little holiday back to Melbourne

I came back to Melbourne for my nieces first birthday to help out and catch up with my family.

As it turned out I had to come back alone because my boy had to work. It was nice to spend quality time with my family though, especially my niece I’m bias but she is the cutest most adorable baby in the world. 

Typically I got really sick as soon as I arrived with an epic ear infection that was the most painful agony I have ever endured. I spent the first four of my eight days here in a medicated haze in my pajamas not even able to leave my parents house. This meant I wasn’t able to do some of the things that I had been planning to do. I missed out on catching up with all of my friends and I simply didn’t have the energy to try on wedding dresses when I felt so crap.

My adorable niece
Showing off the shoes i got her
On the positive side of this I got to really bond with my niece again it had been 3 months since I had seen her and in baby time that’s a long time!

The first birthday party that my sister threw for her was amazing. We love throwing parties in my family and love love love a good theme!! The theme for this one was hot air balloons. She made decorations and a cake . I made chocolate ice-cream that was divine and I got so excited by it I ended up getting an ice-cream maker –so stay tuned for lots more ice-cream recipes.
The cake my sister made was amazing!
The other exciting thing I got to do whilst on holiday was go to Costco, I cant tell you how excited i was to go and when i got there i was in heaven! American warehouse style shopping sigh ahhhhh what more could anyone want, The only down side was I had to show restraint as I cant get giant jars of pickles and kitchenware to Kalgoorlie. So i just got a giant mud cake, giant bucket of peanut m&m's, cookies, tim tams, reece peanut butter cups and some books (that's me being restrained). 

My sister at Costco     

I had an amazing dinner with my other sister and her husband and one of my best girl friends. We went to a place in an alley way off exibition - I love Melbourne alleys best resturant and bars can be found. This place is right near one of my favourite bars Trunk. The place is called Gami Chicken and Beer its Korean and its Fabulous i highly recommend it. Its basically a cool little place that only serve different styles of fried chicken and beer in kegs or jugs. Was so delicious if you are in the area check it out its also really reasonable.
Gami Chicken and Beer Korean Restaurant

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