Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rant #1-No Sunday Trading In WA

In Western Australia there is no Sunday trading... Um Hello come into the year 1985 and open your stores and shopping malls on Sunday, I'll even beg ....pretty pretty please!! 

I've even heard that they (Western Australians) vote against it. What the??!! Why would you not want shops open on a Sunday its the nicest time of the week to wander around shops and buy pretty things! 

The other crapola thing about no shops being open on Sunday here is that on Saturday supermarkets are Chaos. You just cant do your groceries on Saturday if you can at all possibly avoid it. Lots of people though that work full time have to shop on a Saturday and due to the Chaos previously mentioned it takes all of the fun out of it. Its a horrible stressful event. Which is so sad because grocery shopping is so much fun.

Look Western Australia or more importantly Kalgoorlie open your shops on Sunday you will like it I promise!

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