Friday, 10 February 2012

Living the Dream - My Business Plan

So as part of our big move across country to follow our dreams. It got me thinking its all very well & good to encourage my mister and support his goals and dreams but what about mine. 

Before leaving Melbourne i was an operations manager in a finance company and to say I was dissatisfied with my job was an understatement. I was burnt out and completely over it and constantly on the verge of tears. I was exhausted and always sick. But even more than that I had this feeling that I was a fraud, that I had somehow stumbled into this job that I wasn't capable of doing. I made up for feeling inadequate with energy,,,I gave all my energy and i would go home everyday absolutely fried! Then when I got close to having a breakdown I realised YOU DO NOT LIVE TO WORK, YOU WORK TO LIVE.

So finally I am going to start a home business that I have dreamt of doing for the past 15 years. It's not my first time to dabble in a business of my own. In my long and various career I have been self employed 3 times before with varying levels of success. In Japan I was director of an English Conversation School, I had a licensed cafe in The Philippines and I was a Beautician in Melbourne (more on these later). 

The Plan
My business plan this time is a bit more humble. I am going to set up and market stall selling party boxes/kits and also fun little foods like choc crackles, cake pops, honey joys,rocky road, gingerbread men, cookies. Hopefully from there get a website and sell through social networks etc. I will also go into lolly buffets and helium balloons as an add on when i have generated some capital from the market stall.

My Check List
Plans for my market stall are well and truly underway and i expect to start by the end of March or in April. I've done endless research on the net and scouted out my local markets. I have begun to accumulate, find and buy my stall fit out. Such as tables (I plan on having a U shape set up). Table coverings, mini chalk boards, decorations and i have made and laminated really cute price cards, I have ordered business cards from vista print- if you have never used them then i highly recommend it. I still have to do a flyer & labels which I might do through vista print also. I have started to source products for the kits and put them together which is the most fun I have had in a long time. I then need to do a dry run setting up the stall in my living room- so that I feel comfortable it runs smoothly on the day.

The thing is I just love organising parties, I love the planning more than the event its self. So putting together a party kit is like planning a party. This business lets me have all of the fun of planning its a total win win.I have filled a notebook with theme ideas that I'm keen to trial. Everything from the main kids theme parties like spiderman, princesses, barbie, batman and so on. To more one off themes like slumber parties girls & boys, Hollywood, Halloween, high tea garden party, movie nights, hens or girls nights, different country themes, colours, baby shower it just is endless. Please feel free to leave me suggestions on different themes and ideas for the kits.

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