Monday, 27 February 2012

I miss carbs carby carb carbs so much!!

Day 1 & 2 ~ The Good the Bad and the Ugly!

So there is good news and bad news and ugliness in the following journaling of my diet.

Lets get ugly out of the way first;
I have finally got some bathroom scales and weighed myself.....I feel about now there should be playing some da da daaaaaaa music. My current weight is 80kg which is about 180 pounds OMG!! Yep that denial is a beauty isn't it! 

The Internet tells me that my correct / healthy weight for my height (163cm or 5'4in) is between 50~66kg. So I basically need to lose 20~30kg.

Yesterday i started on phase 1 of the Atkins diet which is essentially re-educating your body to metabolise fat by detoxing completely cutting carbohydrates and then limiting your intake of carbohydrates. I must in this phase have only 20grams of carbs per day and 12~15 of them must come from vegetables (not allowed potatoes in this phase).

The good news;
  • I did get up at 5am and walk my dog so yay!! I Exercised!
  • I found cooking meals / life style quite easy to manage.
  • I loved breakfast I had bacon and eggs -NO TOAST of course. 
  • Although I like the meals and feel full and satisfied at the time I found that within a very short period of time I was starving -actually feeling famished my stomach was grumbling loudly and I was at a loss with snacks. I have now over night become an expert at reading labels and scoured the supermarket for low carb snacks that I can have twice a day and still stay within my 20g total net limit.
Now the not so good news;
  •  I am hungry all the time at the moment which means that I am constantly thinking about yummy food (all high carbs of course). Mostly I think about donuts, pancakes, bread, pasta and hot chips.
  •  I have to calculate carbs which is probably as tedious as counting calories. 
  • I cheated and had 2 x chocolate biscuits yesterday and a 2nd coffee this morning (am only allowed one per day).
  • So those 2x busicuits had 30g total of carbs which defeated my whole days purpose really. Other than that I only would have had 17.5g. Fail!
  • I feel like I have no energy at the moment. 
There it is the good the bad and the ugly! 

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  1. Good luck! have to limit you carb intake with diabetes, as that is the killer at raising your blood sugar level. so it is sounds like its a good diet for us girls!!