Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rant #2- Dilly Dalliers

This rant is dedicated to dilly dalliers most especially the aeroplane variety of dilly dalliers

If you don't know what I'm ranting about yet let me put it more clearly. Dilly Dalliers or DD's as I will call them - are people that are completely oblivious to their surroundings and how they might be inconveniencing others. They don't realise that its rude to stop and talk to friends in supermarkets blocking the whole aisle. They don't realise that when they get on or off public transport or an escalator they shouldn't simply stop in the door way to slowly decide what they want to do from here blocking everyone behind them. They are the ones that stare at the menu in McDonald's for ages like they aren't familiar with it and aren't going to order what they always do anyway -whilst a million people wait behind them for service. They are the people at the petrol station that go in to pay for their petrol and also do their grocery shopping, go to the ATM, talk on the phone all while you wait behind them to have your turn. 

I don't want to stereo type here but mothers of primary school age children are notorious for this. Its like they have forgotten how to live in society. They think that their children are so cute when noisily running wild on a train and blocking entrances in peak hour. Or when they need to drop their child at school in their big 4 wheel drive car that i dare say has NEVER been used for off road driving as is its purpose. They have no concept that stopping in the middle of the road to wait for their child to finish school or drop them off is going to disrupt people . 

But of all of this list of DDers the ones i can not tolerate the most are those that catch planes. You must have encountered them if you have been on a plane. They are the ones that stop in the aisle and then go through their entire hand luggage looking for something or other then they re-pack it, and stow it in the overhead compartments. All the while blocking anyone from passing them and getting to their own seats. 

I mean before getting on the flight there is more than ample time to be holding in your hand the book or magazine or jumper you urgently need for the flight. There is no need hold hundreds of people up to get it before taking a seat. Why do people wait for that exact moment when they have found their seat to then remember they need something from their bag? Now I know that I am a super organised person I'm a Virgo and I have been lucky enough to fly on many planes so I might have my routine down smooth. 

If you don't already have what you need for the flight in your hand then just sit straight down and get it when the plane has taken off and the seat belt sign is off. IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK??!! The problem is DDers don't know themselves that they are one. As i said they are completely obliviously to their rudeness so they wont change their ways and we most likely will have to continue to endure them.

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