Thursday, 23 February 2012

A lazy girls diary of losing weight

Weight Loss -Lets get it started in here!

So here it is the end of February and I have not even started my "new years resolution" diet!

Bloody Hell I've got to do something about my fatty Mcfat fat guts. So I thought if I write it on here for all to see then at least I'll maybe have a chance of holding myself accountable.

Right here is my 'get the hell on with it and stop being in denial' to do list.

1) Buy scales and finally admit how fat you let yourself get!!
2) Stop drinking coke....OK you can still have coke zero (Yep I'm addicted to coke!).
3) Stop drinking beer ...oh no that makes me sad...Just do it!
4) Give up carbs,,,,hmmm more thought needs to be put into this -look into Atkins 
5) Buy book on Atkins diet
6) Buy some sort of Ab Cruncher machine -I do hold majority of my weight in my tummy.
7) Make better snacking choices.
8) Eat breakfast.Atkins
9) Stop being fat.

If my upcoming Thailand wedding isn't inspiration enough then what is? Is it the thought of wearing a bikini in front of all my family and friends.....

I used to be a tiny little thing and my goal isn't even to go all the way back. Just a chunk of the way will make me happy. I'm the big 4oh (40) in a few months and I want to be hot again!

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